Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet the Press - Bobby Jindal

I just saw Jerk Store favorite, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) on Meet the Press.  This man, along with the rest of the hard line conservative Republicans, just doesn't get it.  He is allowing his "fundamental disagreement" with the stimulus negatively affect his state.  He's sitting there saying that if President Obama really worked with Republicans they would have a more agreeable plan.  He's sitting here saying that if they had worked in Republican favorites like more tax cuts for small business and capital gains that there would have been more support from the right.  Personally, I find the capital gains argument funny because, these days, NOBODY HAS CAPITAL GAINS!  I am also amused with the fact that Republicans, when citing examples of where tax cuts worked, lump Kennedy with Reagan.  There is never any mention of the New Deal as an example of how Government spending fixed the economy.

Anyway, this interview proves once again that the firm Republican opposition has it completely wrong.

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