Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Anticipation of "Watchmen"

Sitting here in my living room, I just saw a new preview for the upcoming "Watchmen" movie.  I first read it back in college.  Actually, I don't think I finished it as I am sure I got distracted and forgot I was reading it.  After recently talking to a friend who had read it multiple times and had downloaded the visual audiobook from iTunes, I decided that I should read it again.  So, in anticipation for the movie, I finished it and I happy to say that I did and enjoyed it very much.  

Confession, I am not much of a reader.  I mean, I read a lot online, but I'm not one to sit down with a book, and if I do, I rarely finish it.  I do love films and have seen many movies that were based on books, but did not actually read the book.  You know how people always say the book is always better?  Yeah, well I haven't read enough books that became movies to make an opinion.  The one exception was "L.A. Confidential" which was both an awesome movie and book.  The book had so much more detail, but I didn't feel that the extra detail hindered my enjoyment of the movie.

With that in mind, I would expect I could apply the same theory to my enjoyment of Watchmen.  However, I honestly cannot see how this will be a good movie.  I mean, there is so much going on in the book, so much depth of character, I have a hard time wrapping my head around how they can pull it off for a wide audience.  Somehow, I don't feel like I'm alone on this and fanboys everywhere are chomping at the bit to trash this movie.  I actually want this movie to succeed.  I like good comic movies, specifically the last two Batman and the first two Spiderman.  I'm just concerned that the creators will dumb it down and pump up the action, and cheapen what is a great piece of art.

Like I said, I really want to like this movie.  I'm just voicing a concern and in no way want to start a negative campaign against it before it even comes out.  I'll let you know what I think after I see it.  With luck, this will all be for naught.

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