Thursday, February 12, 2009

My A-Teva (Say it Like Run D.M.C.)

My man Jason just sent me an e-mail asking me to write about Tevas, as in Teva sandals.  According to him, I was the first person he had seen wearing them.  The legend goes something like this:  He saw me at Outpost Sports, a sporting goods store that specializes in the outdoors, i.e. skis, bikes, and camping, representing a fresh black pair and that set off the trend that took the South Bend area by storm.  This has been his favorite story about me for years.  In fact, I believe Jason is still kicking around a pair.  If I'm not mistaken, they're his summer go to.

For the uninitiated, Tevas are heavy duty sandals with a thick, grippy sole and two straps, one around the ankle and one just above the toes, that are secured by industrial strength velcro.  In preparation for writing this, I had to see if they were still making them.  Truth be told, I haven't owned a pair since.  

I know that for many people, Tevas are the absolute most comfortable thing they can possibly wear.  For me, they were the cause of many nights of the most atrocious foot stink imaginable.  I do ok with cheap old flip-flops, but any serious sandle sets off glands in my foot that make even the most iron stomach return lunch.  These same glands created a vegetable oil type sweat that would make the space between my foot and the Teva a Wet Banana.  The sandle would plant to the ground just fine, but I would keep right on going.  Not that I ever fell, but it wasn't pleasant.  There might have been a squeek when I walked too, but this is like 16 years ago and I'm not completely sure on that one.

This is why I rock Chucks.  For those of you that rock the Tevas, keep doing what you're doing.  It works for you.  For me, I keep that smell and slime locked indoors, for the good of my fellow peoples.  

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  1. Nice visual picture you so eloquently painted regarding the foot stink and vegetable oil type sweat.

    I have moved on to Keen these days. They have a homicidal germ bed sole or something like that. I wear sandals all year and even shoveled the snowy driveway in my sandles. I guess when your a tall, fat dude like me, your feet generate a lot of heat.

    Thanks for being the cool upperclassman to introduce me to the world of foot stink and open air foot love.

    You are a trend setter.

    - jr