Thursday, February 26, 2009

Note to Media-Please Find and Use Credible Experts!

The White House released it's budget today. There are three things that I strike me as positive. First, the $634 billion down payment on health care. Second, for the first time, they are budgeting for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally, and this is the most controversial, another $750 billion for the financial industry.

I am aware that people are worried about the deficit and the amount of money being spent. That said, Mr. Obama warned us about this in his Address to Congress. He warned us that more money was required for banks so they could loosen up credit for regular folks and small businesses. He told us that he was going to aggressively attack the problem of health care. Finally, he told us that he was going to change the accounting practices of past budgets, which would require that he actually budget for the wars. Frankly, if you've been paying attention, then you shouldn't be surprised.

That said, my purpose today is not to debate the budget itself. Today, I would like to ask the Main Stream Media to stop bringing in politicians and political spokespeople to discuss these things and start bringing experts! This morning, the Today show had Republican spokesperson and former George W. Bush advisor, Mary Matalin, on to discuss the new budget. Golly, I wonder where she stood on the matter? If you guessed "We need to stop stimulating the Government and start stimulating the economy" and "tax cuts for small businesses will get us out of this mess" then you are right. It's the same thing every time and they keep trotting these people out like they know. However, the only thing they really know is the party line.

You know who actually does know? Well, we are talking about the economy, so maybe we should hear from economists! I don't care if you have a Democratic economist and an Republican economist or a conservative economist and a liberal economist. If you talk to enough economists, then you'll probably come to a majority conclusion! Let's say we're talking about global warming and the environment, wouldn't we want to hear from environmental scientists? Politicians know politics. I take that to mean, they know how to play their game to get what they want. That doesn't necessarily mean that they always know what's best, otherwise we wouldn't be in this recession, right?

So please, Main Stream Media, please give the public the benefit of the doubt and bring out some real experts and let us make up our own mind. Now is not the time for simple, easy, party line politics.

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