Friday, February 13, 2009

Republican Dig-in

It is becoming increasingly more apparent to me that the Republicans in Congress do not care about this country. This really breaks my heart.  Not that I am a Republican.  I am far from it.  As an optimist by nature, I would hope that our leaders could put aside their differences for the betterment of our country.  Feel free to call me a sucker.  Understand, I believe in fighting for what you believe in.  The Republicans believe as they have for at least the last thirty years.  In order to stimulate the economy , cut taxes and let the people do what they want with their newfound riches.  The Government shouldn't have the money because the Government bureaucracy can't possibly do what the private sector can.  So give businesses tax cuts to stimulate job creation and leave the job to them.  But when your policies, your theories on how the world should be run, have failed to the extent as they have today, then maybe it's time to open up to new ideas.  

Fat chance!  Instead, we have a Congressional Republicans digging in, spouting the same policies like they worked!  There's no acknowledgement of failure.  Oh, but there's hope.  The same people that portrayed hope during the campaign as some drippy pipe dream now hope that these new policies fail.  Let me repeat that, THEY WANT THIS PLAN TO FAIL.  I can understand to a certain extent.  As an opponent in any game, you want to beat the other team.  However, THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!  We're talking about people's lives here.  We're talking about our lives today and tomorrow.  We're talking about the future of America.  Since their plan failed I don't see how we have the luxury of having another plan fail.  In my mind, if this plan fails, then America as we have known it is truly lost.

So, Republicans, please, I'm begging you.  Grow up and play nice.  I'm not saying bend over and take it, but I'm saying acknowledge mistakes and work to save this country.  After all, you started it!

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