Thursday, February 19, 2009

Republican Governors May Pass on Stimulus Funds-To the Detriment of their State

I came across this article about some heavy Republican Governors, many of them potential presidential candidates in 2012, toying with the idea of rejecting the stimulus money for their state.  While I read it, I was thinking about my post from yesterday about Congressional Republicans, all but three of whom voted against the stimulus, now positioning themselves for a piece of the stimulus pie.  I've thought a lot about this overnight, and while my initial thought was screw 'em, I started thinking about all the people who can really use the help.  I would hate to see people in South Carolina or Louisiana not get the help, or the jobs, they need because their Governor was too stubborn with their political convictions.

Republicans are walking a slippery slope on this one.  Obviously, if it fails, then they can play the "I told you so" game all they want.  However, if things go according to plan, and I think things will, then they're good as dead, or at least until Democrats loose sight of what's right and get booted.  See, I believe in competition, which appears to be nonexistent right now.  There are no good ideas coming from the Republican Party because all of their ideas are old, dead ideas.  Their policies are why we're passing stimulus bills today.  The same people who told us to spend after 9/11 don't want to spend.  The same people who doubled the national debt don't want to spend.  They simply aren't making sense and they're not coming to the table with original ideas.

That is why I am proud of the job President Obama is doing.  Unlike W., he is taking action.  Regardless of whether you think that action is wright or wrong, he is acknowledging the problem, getting the best people in the country to work on a solution, and doing something to fix it.  The fact that these Governors would rather put their ideology before their people sickens me.  It could be all bluster, a way to tip the hat to their far right constituents.  And, it may be moot anyway because their respective state legislators could accept the funds regardless.  However, if they do manage to reject the funds, and the stimulus works for everybody except them, then I hope they get theirs come the next election.

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