Monday, February 9, 2009


The stimulus has passed the Senate and it is my belief that this is a good thing. I have a really hard time understanding how it's OK to blow up so much money in Iraq in the name of safety and security, but somehow it's wrong to spend money here at home. Here's one, ask the people who survived the bridge collapse in Minnesota if they felt safe that day. I promise you that the people in the Twin Cities area could have given a rats ass about terrorists when they heard about the collapse. I'm willing to bet the only security they wondered about was the security of the rest of the bridges around town. What about the people in Greensburg, Kansas? You remember the little town in Central Kansas that was wiped off the map. I remember listening to NPR while the Governor was pleading for help because the Kansas National Guard didn't have the tools necessary to help the survivors. I'll also mention Katrina, but I'm confident that I don't need to go into details as you know all about it.

No, for far too long, we as a country have taken our eye off the ball taking the blessings of our country for granted. Blessings like a strong manufacturing base, good roads and bridges, and quality education. The belief that the American Dream is alive and well and will never die. The truth is, and if you follow the news, I don't need to tell you, the American Dream should have had a check up a long time ago because now it's on life support. Think about it a second. Imagine if we had spent the last 20 years investing real money in our infrastructure. Do you think the stimulus would be as large as it is? What about public transportation? What about commercial transportation? I'm talking about those sweet super trains that work on magnets, super efficient and cost effective. That's foresight. That's thinking ahead. How about Detroit? What if they had spent incremental money since the gas shortage of the early 70s to make fuel efficient cars. Would they be in the position they're in now?

Ah, but doesn't innovation cost money? Yes it does! But it also creates jobs and new opportunities. So, now we have a stimulus package that is supposed to do in one year what the dunderheads that run things should have been doing the whole time. Yes, it hurts, but it is sorely needed and I, for one, would rather spend that kind of money here in our own back yard.

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