Friday, February 27, 2009

Warning - Media Bias Against Budget Creating Class War

Yesterday, I commented on my displeasure with the Today show and their coverage of President Obama's budget proposal. Specifically, I was disappointed that they would have a Republican analyze the budget as opposed to somebody that might know something about it, like an economist.

Media Matters goes even further. It appears that there is a full court press against budget. It is being framed as a new class war is beginning with Obama leading the charge. Redistribute from the rich to give to the poor. Never mind the fact that we're talking about 1% of the population and rich folks have both the money to spend and save while the middle and the poor would just spend, ultimately stimulating the economy better than the rich. The media would have us believe everybody is getting a tax increase. Also note, that the reporters screaming the loudest are the ones making more that $250k.

The deck is stacked, the media is dealing. Read the article and find out for yourself.

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