Monday, March 30, 2009

Call your Representatives and Tell Them You are in Favor of the President’s Budget

If you haven’t already, and you think that the President’s proposed budget is the kind of plan that will return strength, confidence and prosperity to this country, then please call your representatives and tell them that you are in favor of the plan.

It is so very easy to do.  I called a couple of weeks ago and left messages for my congressman and both senators.  I assure you it’s painless.  Actually, voting is harder as you don’t have to wait in line, let alone leave your house.  When you call, be polite and briefly explain the reasons for your call. 

As I see it, this budget is about building a new America for the twenty-first century.  It’s a plan that invests in education, believing that a smarter workforce ultimately builds a stronger, more peaceful society.  It’s a plan that values human life by investing in affordable, quality health care for all.  Finally, it’s a plan that breaks our dependence on foreign oil by investing in a new, modern energy infrastructure, which will be just as good for the environment as it will on our pocket books.

I will concede that no plan is perfect, but this plan is better than most.  If you believe, as I do, that this is the path this country should take, then please call your representatives

Remember, this is what we voted for and our President is doing everything he can to keep his promises.  Let’s get together and make sure that those promises are realized. 

Make the call.

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