Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Gregory is now on my Shit List

I just finished watching President Obama’s press conference. He was great, as always. I was watching NBC’s coverage and Brian Williams went to David Gregory for his thoughts. The first thing out of D. Greg’s mouth was something to the effect of, “he opened this conference with a prepared statement, which he used a teleprompter.”

I just watched the President answer questions for 50 minutes with piercing eye contact and this man, this man who has turned Meet the Press into the Softball Show, has the nerve to propel this absurd, Fox News fueled, line of attack, like Obama is the only President who’s ever used one, like it’s some sort of crime.

To hell with David Gregory. We need to organize and boycott NBC.* I'm sick of their shit. From the Today Show to the Nightly News, their professionalism is sorely lacking. There's no objectivity or quality reporting, just schilling for whatever is best for GE/Universal. I want to hear any and all ideas. Who’s with me?

*That said, I am going to continue to watch Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.


  1. To hell; I'm sick of their shit. their professionalism is sorely lacking;There's no objectivity or quality reporting, just schilling.

    Sorry, I'm not with you!

  2. It's ridiculous BS. At the same time, I don't think NBC is worse than the rest. They're ALL corporate neofascist shills in my opinion. It's just a spectrum of far right wing nut-jobbery with Fox on the farthest fringe of jack-booted fascism and everyone else competing to be just like them.