Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Head on Fire! AIG Bonus Details Revealed!

Please have a bucket of water, or a full sink, or a swimming pool nearby as you will need said vessel of water to put out the flames that are about to spontaneously combust off the top of your head.

They told us they were contractually obligated to make these payments.  They told us that they needed to retain their top talent to unwind the mess, for the taxpayer. 

Sounds like they’re shitting in my mouth and calling it a sundae.

The Huffington Post has the details of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s findings, as well as a copy of his letter to Rep. Barney Frank here.

Lowlights include 73 assholes who received $1 million or more, eleven of which are no longer with the company.  Most offensive is the contract clauses locking in 2007 bonuses for 2008.  In other words, it didn’t matter what the market did, they were going to get their money regardless.

Personal note, I try to keep this site clean for the kids.  That said…

Fuck this shit stain of a company.  Fuck these greedy assholes who fucked the whole lot of us.  I’d like to see them get Oz style time, if you know what I mean!

Ok, extinguish your head now please.  I wouldn’t want you walking around looking like Michael Jackson.

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  1. They think they are to big,way to important to fail!
    Like you said,fuck this shit stain of a company!