Monday, March 2, 2009

Jerk Store – Tries to Explain Themselves, Poorly

Here’s the headline:

redstate headline

Here’s their reasoning.

How can they be so sure that these policies will fail?

We know those policies will fail. Why? Because we know that expanding the size and scope of government, appointing activist judges, taxing the American people, spending money that we do not have, eliminating personal responsibility by bailing out failures, and empowering government to take away our freedom is a prescription for failure.

Ok then, hogan, what do you propose as your grand solution? What would you have our President do to satisfy your vision of America? What? No answer. You would rather scream bloody murder with your hair on fire? Apparently.

Are you going to argue for the usual tax cuts for small business? Guess what, Obama has that covered. Oh, and you’ll get one too. There goes your taxing the American people argument. Unless you mean that the 1% making more that $200,000 a year are the true American people and the rest of us don’t count, we aren’t American, then, golly, sorry for the confusion.

As for personal responsibility, I agree with you, we need more people to own up to their mistakes. In this case, I assume that you are talking about bailing out all of those lecherous homeowners who got mortgages that they couldn’t afford. Ah, screw ‘em, right? Well, There are a lot of instances where good people fell into hard times and they need to buy some time. Neighborhoods are dying and property values are dying right along with them. Now, hogan, I’m sure your neighborhood isn’t affected and you could could care less, but if you want to sell your home someday for a profit, then you should want these people to get some help.

If you’re more concerned about helping AIG, Citibank, or Bank of America and would rather see them fail, then I’m convinced you have all the parts to build your very own Thunderdome because chaos would ensue and Barter Town would be a reality. Now that I think about it, you wouldn’t care because you’re armed to the teeth, right?

If its accountability and responsibility you’re looking for, why don’t you, hogan, own up to the fact that it was your leaders, not Obama, that put us in this place. It was your leaders that doubled the deficit without addressing problems that we can no longer avoid. The truth is, we wouldn’t be forced to budget and spend this kind of money had somebody been minding the store.

There is one other thing we can agree on, America will succeed and we will be strong again. It will not be “in spite of this destructive, anti-American agenda.” No, it will work in spite of you.


  1. Hogan > Andrew T (douchebag).

    Epic fail.

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