Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Majority of Americans Feel Good About Obama’s Handling of Economy

Via Reuters:

Asked who was responsible for the economic meltdown, 80 percent in the poll blamed banks, financial institutions and corporations. Some 70 percent also blamed consumers for taking on too much debt and the former Bush administration for lax regulation. Only 26 percent said the Obama administration was not doing enough to turn the situation around.

Two-thirds of respondents approve of the way Obama is handling the presidency, and 60 percent approve of the way he is handling the economy.

I’m not going to lie, this makes me very happy. When you follow politics like I do, it’s difficult to remain optimistic when right keeps shouting and the media keeps passing those shouts as gospel, i.e. teleprompters and socialism. I’m not so naive to believe that these numbers won’t last forever, but seeing as how bad things are, it’s good to know that the majority of the people are behind our President.

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