Tuesday, March 24, 2009

USA Today/Gallup Leaves Bush out of AIG Poll

The condensed to avoid thinking, Newspeak (USA) Today ran a poll with their partners at Gallup asking people who they thought was to blame for the AIG bonus mess. The choices were, Obama, Geitner, AIG Executives, and Congress.

The call probably went something like this…

Pollster: “Which of the following is most to blame for the fact that AIG bonuses were paid? President Barack Obama. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Congress. AIG Management.”

Respondent: “Ok, well, gee. There’s a lot of bad guys on that list.

Pollster: “(laughs) Yes there are.”

Respondent: “Let’s think about this for a second…there’s Obama. Ok, well it could be him, I mean, I know what he looks like and I know I don’t like him and he’s totally to blame seeing as how the Dow has tanked since the inauguration. Who was the second choice? Geitner?

Pollster: “Yes, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner.”

Respondent: “I don’t know who that is. I do know that the Treasury Department hasn’t done anything positive since this whole collapse, right?

Pollster: “Absolutely.”

Respondent: “Who was next? Congress? Was Congress the third choice?”

Pollster: “Yes, Congress.”

Respondent: “Oh, I hate Congress. All they do is spend our money, and a poor job they do at that, let me tell you! And AIG was last?”

Pollster: “Yes, AIG Management.”

Respondent: “Oh, I don’t like them at all. Gosh, this is really hard.”

Mind numbing, no? What is most troubling is the fact that they left out one key player, GEORGE W. BUSH. I could actually add the Bush Administration, seeing as how they failed to administer any oversight and didn’t push for the removal of bonuses when doling out the first half of the TARP funds. Just one more example of the media leaving out key details to shape public opinion. Seriously, if Bush isn’t a choice then it can’t be his fault. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

This is completely asinine. Read the report from Media Matters here.

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