Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iraq War Turns 6 & Media Stays Mum

3118249254_f4a0e22edc_m Did you know that today is the sixth anniversary of the Iraq War? I didn't until I saw this from Think Progress.  It seems that the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal didn't utter a peep. Add to that list the Today Show because it’s what I was watching this morning.  They opened the show with Natasha Richardson.  While that is sad, it’s not nearly as sad as losing 4,000+ American lives for no good reason.  Only the “condensed for your pleasure” USA Today said anything about it.

Maybe they’re avoiding it because they feel enormous guilt, having been used as pawns in the Bush White House’s game of deception.  Or maybe, and I tend to believe this one, they’re just lazy bums reporting whatever they’re fed instead of going out and actually checking facts.

I propose a toast, to our brave men and women serving our country overseas.  Thank you for your service!  We pray for the day when this will all be over and you can come home and enjoy the country you so courageously defended!



I just found this anniversary story on Huffington Post.

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