Monday, March 23, 2009

One of the Worst Days Ever

Since I took yesterday off, I had plans to hit the ground running with some really great posts.  Unfortunately for me, today has to be one of the worst days I’ve had in quite some time.  Friends, today was liberal hell, meaning, as a liberal democrat, I was in hell.  You don’t know how bad I want to share it with you but my station in life will not allow me to share. 

See, I work for an incredible, compassionate, generous organization.  It is a pleasure to come to work, every single day.  That said, it is a prominent organization and I work in a high profile department of this prominent organization.  I have to keep some level of anonymity as well as anonymity for my employer, otherwise, it could come back to bite me and as I said, I like my job.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to formulate my thoughts enough to where I can tell the story without identifying any key players or write an essay about key themes of my day, but until then, I need to decompress.   What’s killing me is the fact that I’m leaving so much great material on the table.  Alas, I must. 

Tomorrow may be more of the same, so hang tight. 

Thanks for checking in.

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