Friday, March 6, 2009

Story of the Week Recap-I Could Give a Rats Ass About Limbaugh v. Steele

limbaugh_oxycontinWhile there have been big stories this week, the Limbaugh/Steele fight for control of the Republican party seems to have been the biggest.  I’ve been following it, but it honestly doesn’t seem all that interesting to me. 

Quick, name the last RNC Chairman.  What about the one before that?  Who was the DNC Chairman before Howard Dean?  Points to you if you know.  The point is, most people don’t care about process politics, meaning the process that takes place by inside players to get representatives elected. 

The only reason this is a big story is because Rush  Limbaugh is involved.  I also think there’s something akin to driving by a car wreck.  I mean, what’s more fun than watching the Republicans eat themselves from the inside out?

Frankly, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  By the end of last years election, it was apparent that the only people going to McCain rallies were crazies.  These same people still think Obama is a radical Muslim and he wasn’t born in this country.  They don’t fact check and are easy ratings pickings for the Excellence In Broadcasting Network.

1_62_steele_michael And then there’s RNC Chairman Michael Steele.  The man chosen to save the Republican party.  He came out like gangbusters firing the entire RNC staff.  I honestly think that he was trying very hard to change the face of the party and he was starting from the inside out.  Unfortunately for him, conservatives by nature resist change.  Therefore, I’m convinced that they don’t want to raise the intelligence of the party or offer new ideas to solve the country’s problems.  Instead, they’d rather rally around a man who feeds their anger and their fear and let’s them know that it’s ok to wish failure on this country.

Well, that’s their problem.  Like I said I really don’t care.  Frankly, it’s just too easy and they’re playing right into the Obama Administration’s hands.  I will say that Democrats should be careful and mindful because this situation could blow up in their face.  They need to do everything they can to make sure that the aggressive policies on the table work.  Otherwise, we’ll be talking about the silly lowly Democrats killing each other from the inside out.

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