Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Time Fox News Has Gone Too Far!!!

There was always a reason Keith Olbermann called Fox News Fix News. In case you don’t know, he called them Fix News because of their conservative bias. Now, it’s not just bias they’re fixing. No, the number one cable news network is now fixing content, manipulating it to serve their purposes.

Did you catch the clip of Biden? What these crooked bastards didn’t tell you is that clip is from September 15, 2008!

Fox is nothing more than a propaganda machine reminiscent of Nazi Germany. You have been warned!

Thanks to Daily Kos and Media Matters for the heads up!


Fox admits mistake, saying they inadvertently added the clip. Inadvertently. Right.


  1. Not that this type of thing is some sort of new development for Faux News, but it bears mentioning that he was also criticizing Mccain for making that statement, not saying it himself. Even if it happened this morning, it would still be a complete misrepresentation.

  2. We are on a slippery slope-news has become entertainment and opinion. No surprise there. Now newspapers are vanishishing, news outlets have become more concentrated...and the media, the media is getting blamed...too soft on Bush, too soft on Obama, too liberal, too socialist. whatever. But in a day and age where public opnion is getting shaped by soundbites, this is dangerous. We need the entire country on board to fix this thing, and it is a great disservice to intentionally mislead. We wil obscure the facts to death, get congress to focus on the wrong thing and we will be hurt badly by bad regulation. Bernanke said it best the other day, if you have the political will, we can solve it (ie get a pair of brass ones and stop bickering).Argue about ideology later. Stop creating false class warfare, stop being divisive, and please be honest.....because what we are up against is an entity that is in a corner, and they may not hope for Obama to fail, but they are surely piss pants afraid of him succeeding.