Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Weekly Trunk-Propaganda GOP Style!

You would never guess from reading these pages, but I like to think that I’m a pretty open minded guy, especially with politics.  I am always looking for a better idea and am willing to admit when I am wrong.  That’s why I have been part of the GOP email list since the 2004 election.  Yesterday, I received the newest incarnation of the newsletter, “The Weekly Trunk.”  I would like to note that for the first time, a GOP chairman is pictured on the newsletter.  Hello, Michael Steele!  Good to see you again.  It’s almost as if I haven’t seen you at all the last couple of weeks.  Right.  So much for laying low.

So let’s look at the headlines. 

Note-I have not clicked these links or read these articles, I am only commenting on the face of the heading and description.

Right off the bat:

President Obama's Great Wealth Grab
No matter what flowery rhetoric Barack Obama uses to defend his massive tax-and-spend policies, one thing is clear: Everybody in America will pay their share of the enormous price. (Jonah Goldberg, "Waiting Game,", 3/6/2009)

Everybody in America?  I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that true Americans are the 2% making $200,000 or more.  The rest of us are bottom feeders and don’t count.  Man, am I tired of linking tax myth busters like this and this.  To be fair, I did post this, and one way or another, yes we will all pay for our irresponsibility, and we should.  That said, the idea that the President is Robin Hood is false.  He’s just leveling the playing field, which is good for everybody, including the rich.  The fact is, they’ll still be rich, ever after a tax increase, so quit with the belly aching!

Stop the Democrats' Earmark Bonanza? Forget It Mr. President!
Now that President Obama's massive "Stimulus" bill, which contained over 8,500 earmarks has passed, he's talking about restraining pork-barrel spending. But House Democrats will have none of that...(Alex Isenstadt, "Hoyer to W.H.: Hands off our earmarks," The, 3/3/09)

Ah, I just wrote about earmarks the other day!  This is typical politics.  I promise you this wouldn’t be here if the shoe was on the other foot.

The Obama White House Full of Smoke and Mirrors
Is President Obama really trying to lead us out of the economic crisis, or is he just using it to further the Democrats' leftist goals? (Charles Krauthammer, "The Great Non Sequitur, The Sleight of Hand Behind Obama's Agenda,", 3/6/09)


Further the Democrat’s leftist goals?  Gee, I don’t know Mr. Germanmallet.  Why don’t you tell me all about that and his crazy schemes to make us more socialist than we already are!  Looks like more scary Democrat talk to me.

Members of the Liberal Media Find Safe Haven in Government
Not convinced the mainstream media is left-leaning in their political bias? Some members of the Fourth Estate had such a good time acting as Democrat mouthpieces during the campaign, that some are taking jobs in the Obama Administration. The truth is always stranger the fiction. (Michael Calderone, "Dem exclusive? Reporters jump ship," The, 2/18/09)


Sure, liberal media.  I believe that like I believe in unicorns.  Especially since Republican talking points and talking heads dominate the airwaves.  This week it’s been all about how Obama has bitten off more than he can chew.  Before that it was the economy is Obama’s fault.  And so what if reporters want to get government jobs.  It gives the GOP a chance to fill the vacant spots with their own, so I don’t know why they’re complaining!  I won’t even mention that the story is nearly a month old…oops…I just did.

Those are the lowlights.  If Michael Steele doesn’t get sacked at the GOP chairman, and the Weekly Trunk is indeed a weekly thing, then I’ll keep bringing the goods your way.

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