Friday, April 3, 2009

Bayh Votes Against Budget, Republicans Back Off

Yesterday, while checking out the Huffington Post, I came across this blurb from Sam Stein about Indiana Senator Evan Bayh:

Earlier this week, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn appeared to rule out making a major electoral investment in challenging Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh, a moderate Democrat in a Republican state.

"We have a sort of priority list," Cornyn said. "He's down on that."

Explaining why the NRSC might not spend big bucks on the Bayh race, Cornyn praised the Hoosier's political temperament in the current climate.

"I welcome what he's been trying to do around here," he said. "What he's doing is constructive.”

Interesting, no?  At the time, I didn’t think much about it.  Today, a buddy sends me this from the Political Animal:

last night, the Senate voted on the budget, and there was no threat of a GOP filibuster. The majority could simply pass the plan they wanted to pass. Every Senate Republican voted against it, as did the Democratic caucus' most conservative member, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Evan Bayh, the one who has vowed to "strengthen and sustain" the president's agenda, joined with Nelson and the Republicans.

Bayh …represents a state that supported Obama in November and he knew that no matter how he voted of Obama's budget, his re-election is all but assured in his home state.

Bayh didn't have to worry about impressing conservative voters back home; he didn't have to worry about fundraising; he didn't have to worry about a Republican opponent back home using this budget vote against him. Bayh was free to vote however he pleased.

And given all of this, Bayh still sided with a right-wing Republican caucus against the Obama White House.

Oh, I see! 

Do we have a traitor in our midst or a deft politician working the angles?  Thoughts?

I now sit with my right elbow firmly planted in my armrest.  The pointing finger of my right hand rests on my right temple as I drum the fingers of my left hand on the desk.

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  1. Bayh is the new Leiberman - the dirty rat!!