Thursday, April 9, 2009

Before, They Were Voted off the Island – Now, They’re Fired For Real (and I’m Not Talking About Donald Trump)

For the most part, reality TV has been a contest to see who can stay on the show until the very end, for fabulous cash and merchandise.  Now, Fox takes that idea one step farther, in a terribly harsh direction. 

In Someone’s Gotta Go, they’re going to take a real life business and have the employees fight for their jobs, with the staff deciding who gets kicked off!  Wow.  That’s right, the prize is you get to keep your job.  Better watch your back bitch in Accounting!  Better start being nice, asshole in Sales! 

Not cool.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you're kidding me! Why are horrible things like this cracking me up this morning. How sad. How surreal. How real.

    Yes actually, how for real... Hmmm. Gonna quick blog about this and link to this. Thanks for getting my brain going this morning!