Monday, April 6, 2009

Clown Shoes Bachmann: “It’s Time to get Armed & Dangerous About Facts! Pinkos are Gonna Put You in a Re-Education Camp!”

Hello, everybody!  Andrew T. reporting to you live from Rep. Michele Bachmann’s attic and, man, the toys up here are phenomenal! 

First, she said she wanted the folks of her district to be “armed with knowledge, so they can be dangerous to the policies of the left.”  I’m sure she just wanted to clarify her “orderly revolution” position.

Then, she’s on the Sue Jeffers Show over the weekend talking about forced community service and re-education camps!

Ugh, I just ate my own vomit.

Yeah, she loves our country all right, just as long as people don’t have to sacrifice to make it better.  If these people had their way everybody would be home schooled and you’d be responsible for your own potholes.

I already discussed this and I find her insinuation insulting.  Unless, of course, we’re re-educating our youth to look outside their yard into the bigger world, help your neighbor, improve your community through sacrifice and hard work, and treat all people with dignity and respect, then yes, I’m all for the re-education of our youth.  It’s not politically correct, it’s humane. 

Judging from her comments, I think she’s in favor of asshole school.

In the meantime, bat-shit here can get back in her selfish, “fuck-all-y’all” SUV and take a long drive off a short pier, of which, there are many to choose from in Minnesota.

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  1. Propaganda camp? WTF~ Is this for real?
    Another stunning article. Jeez.