Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greenwald Weighs in on Surveillance

Glenn Greenwald at follows up on the Obama administration’s plans for continuing and expanding Bush domestic surveillance policies.  He notes that while people like Olbermann and blogs like Daily Kos have been generous with their praise for Obama, those same people are really letting the President have it on this one.  Ultimately, Mr. Greenwald comes to this conclusion:

To be clear:  there are important areas in which Obama has been quite commendable, and I've personally praised him fairly lavishly for those actions (see, for instance, here, here and here), but it is simply unacceptable -- no matter what else is true about him -- for Obama to claim for himself the very legal immunity and secrecy powers which characterized and enabled the worst excesses of Bush lawlessness.  Yet in a short period of time, he has taken one step after the next to do exactly that.

Read the entire article here.

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