Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Group Spends $1.5 Million on Ads Fighting Gay Marriage-Group Wastes $1.5 Million

Board up your windows folks!  Gay boys and girls all over will soon be getting married and these people want it stopped now!

I’m seriously laughing at this ad.  I would really like somebody to explain how my life will change because the gay couple across the street wants to get married. Perhaps Ben Smith at Politico has an answer:

"The biggest argument – and the biggest lie – put forward by those who want to redefine marriage is that it's not going to have any affect on you. 'Why should you care? It’s not going to have any affect on your marriage," said (National Organization on Marriage) NOM executive director Brian Brown. "In state after state we’ve seen same-sex marriage directly conflict with people’s religious beliefs."

Oh, good, it’s a religious issue.  I thought they were going to tell me that if I drank tap water, I’d start blowing everything in sight. 

The truth is, I could care less if a married gay couple lives in my neighborhood.  I do care that they take care of their lawn.  That would really get my dander in a knot.  Frankly, I’m sure they will as gay folks seem to have much more class than, say, the white trash that lives next door.  They won’t mow, won’t rake and generally bring down the whole rest of what is a well kept neighborhood!

This NOM group just wasted a bunch of money.  Seriously, who are they trying to reach?  Like minded people?  Remember, they’ve already lost.

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