Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maddow – Backmasking Obama Reveals…Nothing but Hysterics

When I was a kid, a neighbor friend of mine had a mother who was trying to wean my friend off of heavy metal.  She got these tapes from her church that proved without a shadow of a doubt that hard rock was the work of Satan.  How did they prove this?  By playing the records backwards, or backmasking, you could hear the artists subliminally profess their undying allegiance to the dark lord himself.  I never heard anything but creepy.  It was like the creepiness at the end of side one of Purple Rain.  You know, right at the end of Darling Nicky, or “Paul is Dead”.  As a kid, it freaked me out.  But then I remembered that I listened to records forwards and decided that they sounded better that way.

Now the folks that brought you Knights in Satan’s Service, bring you Obama’s hidden love for Satan!  I’ll let Rachel explain.

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