Friday, May 8, 2009

2010 Budget Gives Veterans Affairs Largest Funding Increase in 30 Years

Where is the coverage on this?

Today the VA announced President Obama’s VA budget for 2010, the largest percentage increase in VA funding requested by a president in over 30 years. The budget will increase 15.5 percent from 2009 to the tune of $112.8 billion in 2010.

The budget request, part of the President’s 2010 spending plan, is meant as a guide for congress and provides a blueprint that will direct congressional funding for all federal agencies, including the VA.

The request includes an 11.1 percent increase in Veteran health care funding, and is designed to begin the long process of modernizing the VA.  Secretary of the VA Eric Shinseki spoke to the importance of the new budget, saying, “Our 2010 budget represents the President’s vision for how VA will transform into a 21st Century organization that is Veteran-centric, results-driven, and forward-looking. This transformation is demanded by new times, new technologies, new demographic realities, and new commitments to today’s Veterans.”

The largest budget increase for Veterans in 30 years and crickets!  Apparently, properly funding the care of our Vets isn’t sexy enough.

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