Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Nail in the Coffin as RNC Quits Trying to Come up with Ideas and Decides Instead to Call Democrats Names

Man, there sure are a lot of problems that need fixing in this country, aren’t there?  We have two wars, a roughed up economy, and need new energy and health care policies.  I wonder what the GOP has in mind to fix these situations?

Hey, you know what, don’t worry about those things because the RNC has something much more important to discuss.  There will be an “extraordinary special session” of the RNC next week where they will approve a resolution to call the Democratic Party the “Democrat Socialist Party.” 

Man, those great ideas just keep flowing like diarrhea out of my ass.

In other news, Republicans have been placed on the endangered species list as intelligent, thinking conservatives bail in disgust as their party is overrun by buffoons. 

RNC, you guys are doing a heck of a job!  Keep it up!


  1. Dear God, I thought you were joking. I had to read the link. In the middle of everything and this is what they're wasting their time with?! I suppose it's alright for me to get that mani/pedi of mine since time seems to be on my side and the world seems to be going a-o-kay.

    By the way, I drag my portapotty along for my diareah.

    How do you find these!?

  2. I spend way too much time looking reading headlines.

    By all means, get your fingers and toes done. Now is the perfect time!