Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arrested New York Terror Suspects Were Stoned

It’s true, they got blunted before they left to plant the worthless, FBI made bombs:

The ringleader of the four-man homegrown terror cell accused of plotting to blow up synagogues in the Bronx and military planes in Newburgh admitted to a judge today that he had smoked pot before his bust last night.

When U.S. Magistrate Judge Lisa M. Smith asked James Cromitie if his judgment was impaired during his appearance in federal court in White Plains, the 55-year-old confessed: “No. I smoke it regularly…I understand everything you are saying.”

The stunning revelation came as three of the four accused plotters made their first court appearances following their dramatic arrest by the NYPD and FBI last night as they drove in an SUV  that they believed was laden with plastic explosives. The men did not enter a plea and no bail request was made, but federal prosecutors warned that these were deadly men with murder on their minds.

Murder or Cheetos?  Destruction or Cypress Hill?  Terrorism or Pineapple Express?  As TPM muses:

Sources tell TPMmuckraker that it is indeed possible to understand straightforward questions after having smoked pot. Still, having a stoner for a ringleader doesn't exactly go along with the image of a dangerous, well-coordinated terrorist ring that the FBI and NYPD have tried to present.

After all, Muhammad Atta may have been unable to resist a few drinks and a trip to a Floida strip club just before 9/11, but, after years of intense planning, it's hard to imagine him showing up stoned on the big day.

Frankly, the more we learn about this "plot", the more sketchy and pathetic it seems.

Maybe that’s why the President didn’t say anything about it during his speech…

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  1. Blunted? Moslems? Are the media and the "authorities" just stupid or stoned themselves?

    Moslems do not partake. Not the orthodoxy. Never.

    I agree, someone is blowing smoke and it ain't the "terrorists."