Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clown Shoes Bachmann Gets Comic Book

whoisshepage01 I don’t know if they put a leash on her or if I’ve been desensitized to her, ahem, charms, but it seems to me that Michele Bachmann been quiet lately.  I mean, I know she’s still out there, busting out that special brand of batshit she’s famous for.  However, she hasn’t moved me like she did with the “re-education camps” or her calls for “revolution.”  That said, she is still in congress, so every little thing that helps to remove her from office is just fine by me.

So imagine my joy to find that a comic book based on her every word is coming this summer!

FALSE WITNESS! THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY is the thrilling, behind the scenes look at the seedy, hairy, loathsome underbelly of the career of of one of America's most notorious right-wing nuts and demagogues!  This is that one that TELLS IT ALL--it leaves NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION! It's all there, the global conspiracy to end American freedom, the apocalyptic last days of human kind, the lesbians in the bathroom, the threats, the vengeance, the Bush-kissing, the sordid lies, Satan, Jesus Christ, the flying imams--

Yes, that's right we said flying imams! This one holds nothing back! Coming...this summer! Bookmark this site, to breathlessly await further details! 

I hereby pledge to purchase a copy and keep it wrapped in plastic to protect it from the elements. 

Word up to Cesca and TPM for the tips!

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