Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conflict Over Sotomayor isn’t About Her Positions…It’s About Money and Ratings

I’m going to save everybody a lot of time and energy and say that Sonia Sotomayor is going to easily be confirmed.  Don’’t believe me?  Ask, Republican Senator Charles Grassley.  He says, rather nonchalantly, that she’ll be confirmed.  Also, a second line of attack has been debunked.  Frankly, she appears to be bulletproof.  So, let’s not worry about this for now and focus on say North Korea, or General Motors because surely that’s more important, right?

“Time out, Andrew T.!  Big media here.  Don’t you know we have multiple of news channels running 24 hours a day?  Don’t you know that we need to sell papers?  Don’t you know that covering North Korea would require us to actually do research?  Don’t you know that General Motors isn’t sexy?  You know what is sexy?  Fighting!  That’s right, we’re going to bring two people on with differing positions and have them fight for at least four minutes, four times an hour.  And you know what they’re going to fight about?  They’re going to fight about how she’s not smart enough and how she’s a racist.  Don’t you understand, Andrew T.?  Stupid racists are ratings and ratings is money!!!  Get that through your thick skull, Mr. lowly blogger!”

“Hey, don’t forget about us special interests!  Now’s the best time to stoke those traditional hot button issues like abortion and gay marriage.  Some of us are for it and some of us are against it.  And you know what, it doesn’t matter what “it” is.  The truth is we all can agree on playing to those base fears, fears of what could possibly happen.  Then, we all make a lot of money for future fights!  See how that works, Andrew T.?  So why don’t you shut your pie hole, amateur!  We’re going to make this long and nasty because we need the ching, know what we mean?”

Yeah, well fuck all y’all!  There’s nothing to see here until the hearings!

To my readers, I offer this interesting report from Marketplace, which does a nice job of analyzing this topic.  They don’t make it personal, unlike what just happened above.

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  1. How did I miss this one Andrew? Brilliantly done and soooo true. I love your refreshingly direct and simple approach-- stupid racists sell--yup. It's true:-)