Thursday, May 21, 2009

RNC Wises Up - “Democrat Socialist Party” is no More

Finally, some common sense from Republicans.  Per Talking Points Memo:

The RNC has officially scrapped the much-ridiculed proposal to call for the Democratic Party to change its name to the "Democrat Socialist Party," which was originally set for a vote today.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele had opposed this cartoonish proposal from the start -- and in a sign that he is now exercising genuine leadership at the GOP, he has negotiated a much tamer change in language that simply calls on Americans to reject the Democrats' "socialist" agenda.

What’s funny is that the folks that were pushing for this name change said they won by getting people to talk about it in the first place.  In fact, the whole goal of the proposal was to raise awareness so “people can be ‘properly fearful.’”

Ah, yes, GOP & fear.  Like peanut butter & jelly.  Mike & Ike.  Sam & Dave.  rama lama lama & ke ding a de dinga a dong.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


First Read weighs in on the issue.  They point to one sentence in the resolution that, with the exception to cars, would apply to the G. Dubs’ administration as well… “The Republican Party strongly believes that a government which spends without restraint, incurs record amounts of debt, owns banks and makes cars is not the right kind of 'change' America needs.” 


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