Thursday, May 7, 2009

Horror of Horrors! Hannity Calls Obama on Ordering Spicy Mustard! Elitist Bastard!

Remember a couple of days ago when Barack & Joe went out for a burger?  Well, conservatives are all bent about it.  Why?  All he did was go out for a burger.  What’s the big deal? 

You had better sit down.

Yeah!  You tell ‘em Mr. Hannity!  That French mustard loving, cheese eating, wine drinking, pinko!  Dijon mustard.  Geez.  Give me Wonder bread, American Cheese, and good old fashioned French’s yellow mustard.  Wait.  What?  French’s mustard?  Ugh.

Mr. Hannity, it’s called flavor and taste, both of which you are sorely lacking.

Word up to Gawker who updates that a Cornell Law Professor who is spending way too much time on “mustardgate”.  I’m afraid that I have as well.

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  1. OMG-- spicy mustard? next it will be snails and truffles-- America is doomed LOL.