Friday, May 22, 2009

I Concur - “Dads With Daughters Are More Liberal”

Bob Cesca points us to which reports:

In remarkable research, the sociologist Rebecca Warner and the economist Ebonya Washington have shown that the gender of a person's children seems to influence the attitudes and actions of the parent.

Warner (1991) and Warner and Steel (1999) study American and Canadian mothers and fathers. The authors' key finding is that support for policies designed to address gender equity is greater among parents with daughters. This result emerges particularly strongly for fathers. Because parents invest a significant amount of themselves in their children, the authors argue, the anticipated and actual struggles that offspring face, and the public policies that tackle those, matter to those parents. . . The authors demonstrate that people who parent only daughters are more likely to hold feminist views (for example, to favor affirmative action).

I have a daughter who is five months old tomorrow.  I’ve always been a liberal, but I didn’t start talking about it until she was born.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with this or not.  Regardless, it’s interesting, no?


  1. It makes total sense that having a daughter would make you a more liberal father because you would want her to have all the opportunities she can when she grows up. You would also want her to have a healthy peaceful world to live in.

  2. hmmm Andrew-- I must be the exception that proves the rule LOL I am an only daughter of a father who was somewhere to the right of Louis the Fourteenth politically and socially LOL. I hasten to add that he was a very loving father though and tolerated my liberal leanings quite well-- another interesting post. How do you do it? Bravo.