Thursday, May 14, 2009

Letterman Offers “Top 10 Surprises in the Sarah Palin Memoir”

Sarah Palin got a book deal.  Yeah, I know.  I expect it will be filled with ESPN dreams unfulfilled, reasons why she transferred to a different college, six times, hot, Wasilla City Government action, teen sex followed by teen pregnancy followed by grandmotherhood, and her historic run at the vice presidency.  I also expect a lot of “it’s not my fault I got in trouble for ______.  It’s that dirty, leftist media” or “it’s all politically motivated to smear my good name!”  Yawn!

David Letterman was kind enough to run a Top 10 of bombshells found in the (nonexistent) draft.  I’m particularly fond of numbers 10, 7, and 3:


  1. Now this was great. A book deal. Of course. Hmmm. I thought they were all good, except for number one. Think they could have done better on that one.
    Having trouble with my tweetdeck so I can't retweet. :( And have had the flu so haven't beenn tweeting or readig much. Will have to blog about that lol.

  2. Oh, no! Please get better. I hope it's not of the swine variety!

    Take care!