Thursday, May 28, 2009

Louisianans Protest Gov. Jindal’s Handling of Stimulus Funds

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.  This is no way to start a presidential campaign:

"Enough is enough," was a common chant hurled by protestors through the air and aimed at Governor Bobby Jindal. Members of the Concerned Citizens Coalition marched against Governor Bobby Jindal's decision and handling of Louisiana's portion of federal stimulus funds.

"It's important that we as a community unite to send a message to Governor Jindal that Louisianans are tired of being on the bottom of the totem poll in just about every indicator," said Shacara E. Lewis, State Director for Every Child Matters in Louisiana and Coalition organizer.

Remember, Gov. Jindal wanted a flexible budget that allowed for budget cuts to education and health care.  He also opposed changes to the state’s unemployment laws.  So what if the state got $98 million in extra stimulus funds?  This is politics and Jindal, as the captain of the ship, is bound and determined to go down with it by sticking to his firmly held, and in this case, wrong, beliefs. 

I say go ahead and make all the cuts you want to education and health care.  When Gov. Jindal is old and frail, I implore the citizens of Louisiana to exact revenge by checking him into the best retirement home in the state.  This retirement home will be underfunded and poorly staffed thanks to his health care cuts.  As an added bonus, the staff will be so woefully ignorant, due to his cuts to education, that he will be left crying out due to a sore rear because a) they’re aren’t enough people to care for everybody and b) they’d rather sit in the office and watch Entertainment Tonight than care for his broken old ass.  Remember, this is the best retirement home in Louisiana!  Oh, and the staff will be comprised of the children of the unemployed, snubbed in 2009.

Look, I only offer the above to make a point.  Cuts to education and health care mean poor care and poor help for us when we’re old.  I do not wish ill towards Bobby Jindal, although, I do wish he would think about the people of his state instead of sticking to his political guns. 

Do me a favor, bookmark this page and circulate it when the 2012 presidential election comes up.  Who am I kidding, it’ll be Mitt Romney.  He’s better looking.

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