Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California, You Forgot About the Vetting! Thanks for Playing, Now Go Home!

I’ve been watching this thing like I watch a car wreck.  I can’t seem to turn away. 

I enjoyed making fun of conservatives who came to her defense, holding her up like Simba because she had the guts to speak her mind.  A few short days later, she’s the new spokesperson for the National Association of Marriage.  At the time, I just thought she would have a long boring summer speaking on the evils of homosexual marriage at church events.  I, like Miss Prejean, missed the most obvious side effect of this announcement…the vetting.

That’s right folks, the biggest lesson from all of this is that you don’t throw your hat into the ring without considering your dirty laundry. 

First, there were pictures.  Then came the nasty details of her parent’s “your dad is gay” divorce.  This was followed by a “Satan was on my shoulder, but God is in my heart” explanation as to why she answered Perez Hilton’s question the way she did.  Finally, as if that weren’t enough, there were more photos, an appearance on E! where she walked around the set in her underwear, fake boob revelations, and a supportive phone call from none other than America’s Governor, Sarah Palin, who knows a little something about vetting.

This whole time, she’s been acting like she’s been a victim of a vindictive liberal media who is persecuting her for voicing her beliefs.  Now, while I don’t agree with what she initially said, I do not have a problem that she said it.  It’s her opinion.  She was asked for her thoughts on the subject and she answered honestly.  Having said that, everything that has happened to her since is the result of her decision to to be a spokesperson.  Contrary to her claims, it doesn’t matter what she’s a spokesperson for.  Once somebody decides that they are going to be the public face for anything, the media is going to ask, “who is this person?”  They are then going to find out all about you, and in this case, the pictures, the nasty divorce, the fake boobs, everything. 

If Miss Prejean had lived the simple, Christian life she claims, there wouldn’t be a problem.  She could go right on and be the next Anita Bryant.  The truth is, she posed for some sexy pictures that are now biting her in the ass.  Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she’s blaming the leftist media, who she thinks is in favor of gay marriage (because they’re in cahoots with Hollywood, you know).  Unfortunately for her, this has nothing to do with gay marriage anymore.  It has everything to do with the fact that she wanted to be a public figure, she got investigated, as all public figures do, and she is not as wholesome as she says she is.  If she didn’t want the scrutiny, then she should have answered the question, lost the pageant, and gone home.  She wanted to be famous, so there you go.  Next stop, Playboy!

Please take a second and enjoy Keith Olbermann’s “WTF” segment on this same topic from last night:

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  1. Fantastic video! Hah! Loved this piece. Especially at around the 5 minute mark when he talked about what freedom of speech was. Anyway, between you and me, she's a drama queen. Obviously her place is on film. The photo kind. (Was that too harsh?)

  2. No, not too harsh at all. In fact, just right!