Monday, May 11, 2009

Romney’s Email Questions Obama’s Foreign Policy

I received an email from Mitt Romney today.  He says that Obama isn’t being strong enough on the foreign policy front.  Specifically, he’s not doing enough to stop Iran and North Korea from developing their nuclear arsenals.

Recently, Iranian President Ahmadinejad announced that his nation has successfully mastered every step necessary to enrich uranium, violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty it has signed. And North Korea's Kim Jong Il launched a long-range missile on the very day President Obama addressed the world about the peril of nuclear proliferation.

In both instances the world's equation for peace and security was altered, and the Obama administration chose inaction.

The message then asked for money.

Iran and North Korea are two-thirds of the “Axis of Evil,” which was a phrase coined by George W. Bush during his 2002 State of the Union.  Instead of handling them then, he went all in on Iraq, and these two have seemingly operated unchecked ever since.  I know, there have been some diplomatic successes, but North Korea just tested another missile and Iran could have “enough material for a nuclear bomb in six months.”

I honestly don’t know if it’s true to say that the President “chose inaction.”  The president has reached out to Iran and there have been positive signs, like today’s release of journalist Roxana Saberi.  As for North Korea, Obama was standing with the rest of the world when they denounced their last missile test.  What was the world supposed to do, invade the North?  Maybe they could have sent in a crack, covert, special ops team to disable the missile before it took off, like Newt Gingrich suggested.  This risky maneuver would be brilliant if it worked and extremely messy if it didn’t.  When I say “extremely messy,” I’m thinking China v. World in World War III.  Nothing personal towards the U.S. Ninja Team, but I don’t think that plan would have worked out too well.

The truth is, it’s real easy to sit there in a plush leather chair, behind a massive, oak desk, and spout off about how the President isn’t being tough enough when you don’t have to live with the consequences.  It’s also a great way to raise money and gain support from those who follow a “shoot first” mind set.  Obama said he was going to handle foreign affairs differently and he is doing just that, which goes against everything guys like Romney and Gingrich believe in.  It seems that they would rather beat everybody into submission and have the world bow down to the awesome power that is the United States of America.  That’s fine, if you want the rest of the world to hate your guts.  I, for one, like it when the rest of the world likes Americans and am happy that Obama is doing what he can to repair our image.

Look, I am worried about nuclear proliferation as much as the next guy.  However, I’m not going to freak out about it either.  Life is too short to spend it scared shitless all the time.  In the end, Mr. Romney’s email proves that the right has a lot they don’t like, but no ideas to counter the President’s approach.  Judging from the email, they want to be tough.  G. Dubs was tough, and look at where that got us.

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