Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Night Special – Lou Reed in “Sweet Jane”

This is probably my best find on YouTube.  According to the title of the clip, this live from Paris in ‘74.  Sweet Jane, in and of itself, is a classic, and if you’ve heard the live version from “Rock n Roll Animal” you are aware of the sweet intro that starts off sounding like something from The Hollies circa “The Air That I Breathe.”  It always throws me off.  This too has a sweet intro that sounds nothing like the song itself.  It’s a total groove and Lou has an incredible band that is in a zone.  Please take the time and listen for yourself because I’m rambling.  My brain is a bit scrambled from the awesomeness of this footage!

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  1. sweet find. cocky bugar, isn't he. had a listen to take a walk on the wild side as well. Nice.