Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Classic GOP Twitter Fails for First Half of 2009!

Here’s a fun piece found at Talking Points Memo detailing the GOP’s bumbling attempts to socially networking.  Well, fun might not be the right word as some of these are down right awful (i.e. racist).  That said, it’s funny to go back, review these disasters and wonder why they even try.  Here’s a small sampling:

…South Carolina Republican operative, Mike Green, apologized for a racist Tweet against President Obama himself:


Back in February, then-Virginia GOP chairman Jeff Frederick Tweeted that a Democratic state Senator was in negotiations to switch parties and give the Republicans control of the chamber. The Democrat in question then ended up not switching -- with some reports indicating that the Tweet itself played a part in any potential deal falling through. Frederick was later removed from his post as chairman, due to various complaints of mismanagement.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (R) accidentally Twittered a public announcement that he was challenging incumbent Sen. Robert Bennett for the Republican nomination -- he thought he was sending private text-messages to a friend.

That last one is my favorite.  Dude, seriously, ask your kids to help you or something.  Otherwise, stick to having your secretary send your emails and other electronic correspondence.  It’s embarrassing, like my grandparents trying to program a VCR.  That said, if you can’t handle Twitter, then maybe you shouldn’t run for Senate.

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  1. You just gotta love those Republicans dontcha? Lost in the 20th century..... great post.