Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clown Shoes Bachmann - “We Used the Census to Imprison Japanese During WWII. I’m Not Sayin’, I’m Just Sayin’”

Did you know that if you don’t answer the census next year, black helicopters are going to swoop down on your house?  Yep.  Then, men in black, storm troopers actually, complete with scary Darth Vader type masks, drop ropes and repel onto your roof.  It’s true!  Then, they’ll cut a hole in the roof drop into your house, stuff you and your family into bags, hook you to a wench which will take you up into the helicopter.  You laugh, but I’m not making this up!  Finally, they’ll drop you off at an ACORN “re-education camp” where you will learn the ways of the liberal.  After a successful reprogramming, you will be released back into society, under close supervision, of course.

Ok, I made all of that up.  Listen to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) long enough and you’d start to believe that it’s actually happening.  Back in April, she was claiming that forced community service would be the same as going off to a re-education camp.  So she already has concentration camp delusions.  Just wondering, but if she was able to have her “pro-American/anti-American” hearings, what would she have done with those who were deemed anti-American?  Camps?

Now, she’s obsessed with the census.  She has already said that she was only going to fill out the part about how many people live in her house and ignore the rest.  Mainly because that dreaded community organizing group ACORN is going to recruit individuals to help complete the census.  Today, she took her fight against the census, which, by the way, is mandated by the Constitution, to incredible new heights.  Listen as she explains how the census was used against Japanese-Americans during World War II:

There is no question that the US did some dastardly things when they started the internment camps during WWII.  However, for her to sit there and connect what happened then to what’s happening now, on the basis that a community organizing group is helping complete the census is preposterous.  Not only is it preposterous, it’s irresponsible seeing as how we have crazy nutters running around shooting people.  The last thing we need is a United States Congresswoman say that she’s not going to fill out the census because she doesn’t trust the Government, of which, she is a part, and she’s going to use 1942 as proof.

Here, to ease everybody’s minds on the upcoming census, I looked it up to find out what would have to happen for ACORN to come to your house.  Per

The Census Bureau will mail or deliver questionnaires to your house in March 2010. We will mail a second form to households that do not respond to the initial questionnaire.

Households that still do not respond will be called or visited by a Census worker. (Census workers can be identified by a census badge and bag.)

So in order to avoid ACORN, all I have to do is FILL OUT THE FUCKING FORM AND DROP IT IN THE MAIL?  Stupid.

This is all so silly.  Why do conservatives get so pee-their-pants freaked about ACORN.  They didn’t have any sway in the election.  Oh, sure, a couple of bad apples forged voter registrations for extra cash and ACORN got in trouble.  I assure you, they didn’t forge the 10 million votes that Obama beat McCain by.  Obama won, easily.  Get over it.

As for Bachmann, well she is entertaining, that is if you find smacking your forehead in disbelief fun.

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