Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Come to South Carolina! Home of the Shit Heel Politician!

It’s no wonder the fine citizens of SC don’t trust government.

Take Governor Mark Sanford.  He fought like mad to stop the stimulus money from coming into his state.  When the state legislature voted to accept it, he tried to make them put it towards debt.  They wanted to use it for its intended purpose, unemployment benefits and education.  He didn’t like that.  They told him to fuck off, so he took them to court, which he promptly lost.  Defeated, he sauntered off to the Appalachian Trail to clear his mind.  Or, at least, that’s what his staff thought he said.  His wife didn’t even know.  After a soul searching press conference, Sanford admitted that he was in Argentina, breaking up with his mistress.  I’m sure that before he broke the bad news, he nailed her. 

Another rotten politician for South Carolina!  Mark Sanford…state citizen hating, extramarital affair having Shit heel!

Here we have Senator Jim DeMint.   Now, clear your mind of all you know.  Forget that 76% of Americans want a public healthcare option.   Dig the conservative virtues from the man that is DeMint.

Yeah, American’s don’t want a public plan!  The 76% that do don’t count!  Therefore, nobody wants a public choice!  More interesting to me is this argument that Government can’t do anything right.  Excuse me, but isn’t Sen. DeMint part of the Government?  If Government can’t do anything right, then why do we keep sending people like him back?  Why aren’t we more interested in getting people in there that can?  He ain’t part of the solution, he’s part of the problem!

Another rotten politician from South Carolina!  Senator Jim DeMint…poll ignoring, Government hating Shit Heel!

What amazes me is the fact that while South Carolina suffers through this nonsense, they keep voting these guys back in.  It’s as if they like being miserable.  In fact, I can already hear South Carolina yelling at me from their porches.  Whatever.  I’m glad I don’t have to suffer through self-indulgent pricks like these.

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