Thursday, June 18, 2009

Confirmed! George W. Bush is Still a Dumb Ass

When G. Dubs left office, he said that he was going to keep his opinions on the new Administration to himself.  In fact he said the new Administration “Deserves my silence.”  He kept his word up to June 17, 2009.  See, G. Dubs was in Erie, Pennsylvania last night to give a speech and had these gems of ultimate wisdom to share:

"I told you I'm not going to criticize my successor," he said. "I'll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don't believe that persuasion isn't going to work. Therapy isn't going to cause terrorists to change their mind."

Nice double negative.  So, do you mean that persuasion is going to work?  Knowing W.’s penchant for butchering the English language, I am going to assume that he’s afraid that we’re going to coddle the terrorists into seeing things our way, because, you know, waterboarding worked so well.  Yes, there are people at Gitmo that will kill at the drop of a hat.  That’s why we’re going to give them restitution.  Brand new homes in gated communities and $1 million to blow on whatever bombs and weapons they need to “thin the herd.”  Whatever!  Therapy?  Yeah, right.  How about due process instead?  This line of BS is so thick I need a chainsaw to get through it.  For the last time, there is no need to fear the inmates at Guantanamo Bay!  They are in prison and will be moved to other prisons!  In case you didn’t know, there were other prisons on this planet before Guantanamo that could handle dangerous people and there will be Prisons that can handle dangerous people after Guantanamo.  Next!

"Government does not create wealth," Bush said. "The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States."

Take risks to expand the job rate?  Aren’t we taking risks by doing things that you didn’t do?  Hey, MBA President, you understand the concept of spending money to make money.  You should.  All of your friends made money sucking off the government’s tit.  Your risks in the form of tax cuts and deregulation put us into the situation we’re in now!  Therefore, we need to do the opposite of what you did to fix it!  Instead of dropping billions down the endless hole that is the “War on Terror” maybe we should drop billions on things that matter here!  It wouldn’t be an issue if you hadn’t blown the surplus you inherited!  Frankly, I find it ironic that the man that made so many corporations and individuals even more wealthy than they were when he started feels that “Government does not create wealth.” 

I liked it better when you didn’t speak.

Fuck!  I need to get some drywall over the weekend.  I just made a nice dent in this wall with my head.  Christ.


  1. So what you fucking think that American's need to be caudled by the Government. You are a young idiot. You are exactly what is wrong with America. At this rate we are not going to have independence...we are going to be taxed to death and innovation is going to be the government's responsibility. The private sector is what is important and if you strangle can not work. We are dropping billions to save these fact we have dopped more money in a matter of 100 or so days than then entire war in Iraq has cost..but I suppose you wish to overlook that point.

    Your President has elected to not let these institutions fail and you have to let them. But I suppose you seem to think that Bush completely deregulated business...however you should recall the SOX Act of 2002...this increased the scrunity and accounting regulations placed on companies... companies that swindled america under the reign of your previous democratic president Clinton.

  2. Dude you are a fucking idiot.

  3. I second herxpoisonxkills comments.

  4. Did you write this blog without the aid of the backspace key or a spell checker? I doubt it. Given that, it's unfortunate that some people choose to lower themselves to the level on insulting a person's casual verbal missteps, frequent or otherwise. I could easily mock President Obama for difficulties associated with teleprompters, but I don't. Why? Because when you're a public figure these things are bound to happen and the pressure they are under deserves some consideration. Second, if you understood much about Presidential history you would realize that for nearly the entire history of our country former Presidents haven't commented at all on the policies of the current President. This is done out of respect and the desire to show the people of this country and the world that we have one President, not multiple. This respectful policy has been broken by some over the history of this country but not until Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did we see former Presidents take an active political role, which in and of itself is not terrible, but one which publicly was largely focused negatively on the current President. I think Bush is trying to walk a fine line of speaking his mind, as is his right, and not out right slamming Obama's policies. I think that's a tough thing to do as you can see from his speech but his words are a far cry from the down right mean things that former Presidents Clinton and Carter have said about him. I myself am a Libertarian and dislike McCain and Obama. There frankly isn't much of a difference between the two, thank you two party system. One thing we should strive for is respect. I disagree with Obama on many things, as I disagreed with Bush on many things, but those of us who have some class attempt to remain civil and refrain from being down right nasty. I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears and you'll just rant and rave about this in your mind but hope that one day you never find yourself in a position to have your publicly spoken words mocked when you don't have the aid of a spell checker or the backspace key.

  5. Yeah.... I'm gonna have to echo most of the sentiment here.

    I'm no fan of Bush... but slinging insults about non-issues and repeating falsehoods does nothing more than weaken the credibility of your like-minded peers. (see: Creationism Museum).

    Also... the supposed "budget surplus" of the clinton years was nothing more than clever rearrangement of treasury bonds. Little better than moving all of your savings into your checking account and claiming that you *made* a ton of money in a single week.

  6. @herxpoisonxkills

    Are you kidding me? SOX is among the worst thing to happen to American businesses. It's there are regulate the auditors who should have known better when it came to companies like MCI and Enron in the first place.

    Now it costs many companies 4% or more from their bottom lines to have compliance with this ridiculous set of rules. Why would anyone want to start a new American corporation when they have to put up with SOX when they could simply become Canadian or Euro corps and skip those fees altogether? More companies remaining private doesn't do anything to improve the American economy. SOX needs to be repealed.

  7. It's confirmed. The author of this article is an idiot.
    You don't get it no amount of government regulation is going to fix the issue at until the government learns to live within its means.
    Government doesn't have to worry about balancing the budget, so when it comes to spending money they take very little time to make sure it is spent wisely. I know contracts that automatically double their bid if it's government related.
    Our new president firing IG's because their investigating his friends.
    IE the 800k given to Kevin Johnson a stout Obama supporter, who then used the money to pay people to run errands and wash his care, instead of using it on the youth in a productive manner.
    I'd also like to add they economy has been running down ever since the Democrats took over congress in 2006. This financial melt down happened on their majority watch. And several Republicans tried to pass measures to regulate Fannie Mae back in 2005 but was blocked be the Demo. I wonder if we would still be where we are today if that legislation had been passed?

  8. I'm honored that all of you got together and bum rushed the site inside of thirty minutes. Now, if only you could get that kind of organization behind a coherent plan. Any plan. It doesn't matter to me.

    Understand, we can disagree, and debate in a civilized fashion. But you come on my site, tell me that I'm what's wrong with this country, and call me a fucking idiot. I say, go fuck yourselves. I don't give a shit what you have to say because I vehemently disagree. I stand by my words, every last one.

    Having said that, I want to let Dan know that I agree and appreciate your thoughts on presidential etiquette. I was hasty with my post and should have been a little more careful with spelling. I was ranting and got a little quick with the clicker finger. For that, I apologize. Scott, I appreciate your thoughts and thank you for stopping by. Notworksafe, thanks for being, what I think is, my only defender. After that, the above stands.