Friday, June 26, 2009

Energy Bill’s Fate Will Let Americans Know if We’re Either Getting “Change” or “Chump Change”

Today could be the day we find out exactly what kind of “change” we can expect going forward to as the Waxman-Markey Clean Energy Bill comes to a vote.  According to today’s New York Times Editorial:

The American Clean Energy and Security Act would, for the first time, put a price on carbon emissions. The bill has shortcomings. But we believe that it is an important beginning to the urgent task of averting the worst damage from climate change. Approval would show that the United States is ready to lead and would pressure other countries to follow. Rejection could mean more wasted years and more damage to the planet.

We’re supposed to find out which way we go today.  It is my opinion that the fate of this bill will have ramifications for other pieces of difficult legislation.  Either we are going to get substantial, meaningful bills that bring this country into the new century, or we’ll get watered down, meaningless legislation masquerading as change, or what I like to call “chump change.”

Stay tuned.

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