Thursday, June 4, 2009

House Republicans Form Caucus to Fight “Liberal Bias”

One needs to take great pains to believe the Right.  First, put on waders because the shit is most certainly deep.  Second, activate a suspension of disbelief, like when you’re at the movies.  Finally, make sure blinders are firmly in place so as to not see anything that would prove your side wrong.  If, by chance, something runs counter to what the Right is saying, then throw up the old “liberal media bias” and hide under a bed.

The truth is, there is no “liberal media bias.”  Think Progress points out that we currently have a:

media system that hosts Liz Cheney a dozen times in ten days, or invites twice as many Republicans on as Democrats to discuss the stimulus package, or consistently favors conservative commentators and politicians on the Sunday political talk shows. Not to mention an entire cable network that blatantly cheer-leads for the far right.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith has his blinders firmly in place because he is creating a caucus of twelve Republican representatives to form the “Media Fairness Caucus!”  Per Media Matters:

Smith (said), "I want the American people to get the facts and then be allowed to make up their own minds, not be told what to think." However, Smith's evidence of bias is pretty unconvincing. For example, Smith is outraged that news outlets dare to acknowledge President Bush's role in creating the economic crisis, rather than blaming President Obama for an inherited situation he's had just a few months to address. When April's unemployment numbers were better than expected, Smith complained that the media's coverage wasn't negative enough.  And Smith has repeatedly grumbled about the media's unwillingness to adopt his anti-immigrant attitude. The laundry list of absurd grievances goes on and on.

In sports, when things aren’t going a teams way, the team’s coach works the referees.  That’s exactly what’s happening here.


  1. As Stephen Colbert said: "reality has a liberal bias." Or something to that effect. Also I think I hear something in the background . . . could it be the world's tiniest violin playing "my heart bleeds for you?"

    But, seriously, this whole "liberal media" bs really burns me up. The mainstream media is neither left nor right it is biased in foavor of the establishment. Which is to say the media takes the view of those in power. In the recent past that has meant republicans.

    Now the Democrats are in control. But the dominant themes of conversation are still conservative. See the debates over Health care and the appointment of potential Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor as prime examples of how a conservative worldview colors mainstream media.