Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Gives Me Great Pleasure to Introduce “Back to Saturn X”

Friends, I have been a blogger now for a little over four months and it’s been amazing.  I’ve made some great friends and have the extra bonus of getting some things off my chest.  That said, I am under the impression that my readers have come to expect certain things from ATIOTC.  This is fine because I most definitely expect certain things as well and, frankly, I don’t want to change a thing.  However, I do want to cut up a little from time to time.  Maybe rock a little harder or laugh a little more.  Not that I don’t do that on ATIOTC, but sometimes, things just don’t apply.

That’s why I would like to introduce you to Back to Saturn X, the red headed stepchild of the Andrew T. online empire.  Think of Saturn X as my second pirate radio station.  Whereas ATIOTC is my Radio Free America, Saturn X is my Christian Slater, underground, basement rocker. 

Again, ATIOTC will not change one bit.  In fact, I hope it enhances your Andrew T. experience and act as more of a fun distraction to the typical frustrations and outrage that generally comes with following the politics of the day.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Oh, one other thing.  Please pardon the mess as I’m still trying to tweak the look and feel of the site.  That said, it is up and running and waiting for you to stop on by.

-The Management

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