Friday, June 12, 2009

It Was the Start of a Perfect Day, Then Sarah Palin Came on the Today Show and Ruined It!

I’m afraid I can’t effectively describe how utterly gorgeous it is in Northern Indiana today.  After a day of heavy rains, the clouds have cleared to reveal a sunny day with a temperature expected to be in the mid to low 70’s.  The earth got a good drink and everything is a lovely shade of green.  On top of that, I got a solid night’s sleep as our daughter recently discovered the joys of sleeping through the night.  After I woke, I stumbled into her room to find the giant smile from a person who was happy to be rescued from the safety of her crib.  We played and laughed as my wife got ready for her day.  Then I got ready, poured myself a cup of home made Dunkin Donuts coffee, made some bacon and eggs and sat down to catch up on world events. 

That was the biggest mistake I’ve made in weeks as Sarah Palin spent 11 minutes and 15 seconds with Matt Lauer:

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Blech!  I find it interesting that the party that is always bashing political correctness is calling out David Letterman for not being politically correct.  I’m also troubled with Lauer’s, “I agree with you” moment.  It seems like he’s going out of his way to be nice with her so she’ll come back on and spread even more manure.

Here’s the deal with all of this.  If she wants to run for President, she had better get a thick skin.  Presidents get made fun of all the time and she needs to be above it, not getting into a verbal sparing match with David Letterman.  She needs to be too good to dignify that with a response.  I would appreciate it because then I wouldn’t have to have her ruin what was a perfectly good morning.

Stay tuned!  Coming up on the GOP Today Show, fired Miss California, Carrie Prejean!  Tomorrow, Anita Bryant and the day after that Ann Coulter and the day after that Newt Gingrich, etc. etc.