Monday, June 1, 2009

It’s Time to Treat the Right to Life Movement Like the Terrorists They Are - They’ve Earned It.

I find myself today deeply affected by Dr. George Tiller’s murder.  If you want to know why he was shot, please take a moment to read these testimonials (seriously, please read them).  I have never thought much about abortion and am blessed to never have been put into a position where I had to consider it and pray that I never do.  In the past, I would have heard this story, thought about it for a second, only to process it like so many other stories before. 

That was before President Obama came to Notre Dame. 

For nearly six weeks, I saw first hand how the “right to life” terror squad operates.  I saw the dead baby pictures, both on the ground and in the air.  I spoke to people, unhappy, emotionally unstable people, who condemned everybody and everything that didn’t agree with their position.  The truth is, they are bullies, dangerous bullies, with an agenda to win at any cost.  They see their movement as a war.  They are warriors fighting for God and will stop at nothing to insure victory.  Sound familiar? 

Their position is to protect the lives of all unborn children.  I would argue, based on their statements and actions, they believe that life ends at birth.  They don’t say that, of course.  However, they don’t seem to protest the death penalty or sending brave, young men and women off to war with the same ferocity.  They would rather protect the life of an embryo, created in a Petri dish.  An embryo that will more than likely end up with the rest of a lab’s bio waste.  They would rather fight for that embryo to live in a dish, in a lab, than find a cure for disease, which could save millions of lives.  They would rather see a mother and child die during birth than save the life of the mother.  To do otherwise would be against God’s will.  It seems that they argue for life as long as that life is inside the womb.  Outside the womb, well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

These people are, indeed, domestic terrorists, as was warned about in the Homeland Security report that was widely criticized by the right.  I say, open up the floodgates and let them feel what it’s like to be a terrorist in this country.  You know they’ll cry about it.  I say let them.  Let them sob about how they’re being unfairly targeted, because one bad apple decided to take matters into his own hands.  They’ll explain how they only operate peacefully, inside the law, and how this administration, being the “murders” they are, has an axe to grind.  They may operate inside the law, but it’s not, in the traditional sense, peaceful.  They throw their hate towards whoever walks by, trying to shock people to seeing things their way.  In the end, their attempts at making people uncomfortable work counter to their goal.  Unless you are standing with them on the corner, you are an enemy.  That’s just what happened to Notre Dame, which was nothing compared to the harassment these folks had to endure.

Instead of looking at themselves and asking how could something like this happen, they’ll blame the world for all of their problems.  They’ll scream about how the country has been deceived and that they are the only keepers of the truth, when in actuality, they’re lonely, sad people with nothing but hate and anger in their hearts.  If they were thinking rationally, they would work on their message so that their followers don’t get worked up to the point of TAKING A LIFE!  See the irony?  You’d have to be blinded by hate not to.

Remember, I have seen these people operate first hand.  There is no rational thought or debate.  Their entire movement is based on emotion.  Either you are with them, or against them.  There is no middle ground and certainly no room for negotiation.  They couldn’t possibly sit down and find common ground with the pro-choice movement because it’s all or nothing.  Now, their emotions have earned them some extra scrutiny. 

Go ahead, turn on the taps.  They’ve earned it.  

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