Monday, June 29, 2009

Let’s Go Go White Sox!

The Chicago White Sox are my favorite baseball team.  Thanks to my father and my father’s father, I am a third generation fan.  This year, for my birthday, my wife was kind enough to purchase two seats for this last Saturday’s game against the Cubs.  Other than the playoffs, there’s no better atmosphere as fans for both teams are keyed up, hoping to secure city bragging rights.

White Sox won Saturday’s game 8-7 on a two out double from Gordon Beckham in the bottom of the ninth.  The game was a back and forth slugfest.  Lots of ups and downs, great plays and even better hitting.  It was easily the best game that I have ever seen live.  What makes it better is that the Sox won the game and the overall series, securing bragging rights.  Well, they have bragging rights at least for now as there was a rain-out at Wrigley which will be made up in September.  But as of today, the Sox have bragging rights!  So, in honor of the terrific weekend, let’s cheer the Sox on to victory!  Let’s go go White Sox!

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