Monday, June 8, 2009

Michael Ware & Marc Thiessen Debate Obama’s Cairo Speech-After Segment, Thiessen Sobs in a Corner

As I have stated in the past, watching two people bicker back and forth on cable news is not my favorite thing.  Far too often, you have two people on a show like, say, Hardball, discussing a topic like health care.  One is a liberal and the other is a conservative.  They both come armed with their talking points and the fact that they will disagree is a foregone conclusion.  Both sides go home with a smile and nobody’s mind has been changed.  It’s like debaters are above the issue, like issue is a game of Risk and they’re moving pieces around a board. 

I find the below exchange more interesting than most.  As Jason Linkins points out, “you have one person talking about ‘the troops’ as if they were abstract political ideas, and another person talking about them as if they were flesh and blood human beings.”

The debate took place on Campbell Brown’s show.  The segment is called “Obama Undercut the Military”.  I the red corner, Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush. It is his contention that President Obama did a great disservice to our troops by not mentioning them in his Cairo speech.  His opponent is Michael Ware, CNN war correspondent.  Mr. Ware argues that the President knows his audience is Arab, who, frankly, don’t feel warm and fuzzy towards Americans and the American Military.  Therefore, President Obama spoke to his audience, something Mr. Thiessen, as a speechwriter, should fully understand. 

Please take a moment to watch the clip.  I wish there were more clips of people keeping people honest like this.

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