Saturday, June 13, 2009

Olbermann – Limbaugh Claims that Healthy Folks Are to Blame For Health Care Woes

This is rich.  During last night’s “World’s Worst,” Keith Olbermann points us to a rant from Limbaugh the Pure.  Rushie Rush is taking issue with a statement Obama made.  The President said that if an obese individual would loose some weight, they could avoid diabetes, which in turn would lower health care costs.  Common sense, right?  Not in Limbaugh’s world!


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Look, I understand that Limbaugh is playing to his audience, but seriously, how dumb does he think is audience is?  Oh, wait…yeah, they’re that dumb.  Never mind. 


  1. Andrew, doesn't it just wear you out after awhile? I'm beginning to wish we'd just collectively turn Rush off no matter what he says - what he wants is attention and though I never agree with him, every time Keith or anyone else rebuts his nonsense, it gives him what he wants. Press.
    Of course Rush took offense. How much did detox for his oxycontin addiction cost? Bet he had insurance.
    As for the flab and the smokes, I'm glad to see Rush is still acting like he's immortal. Cause I doubt he is.

  2. Denying reality is Rush's speciality. he prolly thinks the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around it. He's not in the least confused by having proven facts pointed out to him. Bet he believes in the tooth fairy too:-)

  3. I can't even react anymore to Limbaugh. This guy is nothing but a waste of skin. He is so hateful with an EGO the size of his fat head. Okay I guess I can still react.

  4. Yes, it does wear on me too. I also agree regarding giving Limbaugh what he wants by giving him publicity. Frankly, I struggle with that. However, in this case, I thought it was important to add another voice to expose this nonsense.

    Thanks to all for the thoughts!